Protective Behaviours Resource Kit

Developed by teachers, social workers and Protective Behaviours experts, this complete Resource Kit provides educators with Lesson Plans for Pre-primary to Year 6 and all recommended resources.

Resource Kit includes:

- 44 Lesson Plans (hard copy and digital file access)
- Step-by-step Instructions
- Printable Resources - teaching resources and student activity sheets
- Games & Video Links - engaging classroom games and video links
- Recommended Resources - listed below

No Means No
In My Heart
Max’s Creepy Crawly Slimy Things
Everyone’s Got A Bottom
The Way I Feel
The Scared Book
Jasmine's Butterflies
Personal Space Camp
Huge Bag of Worries
Milly’s Message
My Underpants Rule!
Sam’s Hats
My Body What I say Goes
Do You Have A Secret?
The Technology Tail
Let's Talk About Body Boundaries & Consent
A Secret Safe To Tell

Body Safety Rules
Personal Space
Cyber Safety
Protective Behaviours Themes
Early Warning Signs (Boy)
Early Warning Signs (Girl)
Posting Online (Primary School)

Games and teaching aids:
WACSS Feelings Cards Set
Feelings Thumball
Anatomically Correct Doll (Male)
Anatomically Correct Doll (Female)

Please note: Anatomically Correct Dolls are of diverse cultural backgrounds.