My Device Rules

Type: Cyber Safety
As our kids spend more and more time on technology, it exposes them (and us) to increased risks. This book is a simple way to help connected kids keep themselves and their data safe. It clearly outlines what to do if they come across adult content or risky links and what behaviour to avoid, such as uploading their picture, personal details or interacting with strangers.

“Even if your child is not yet using devices to connect to the internet, the earlier you teach them how to spot some of the risks and adopt healthy online habits, the more they will continue the practices throughout their life.”

My Device RULES! cuts through to a young child because the message is delivered when you have their undivided attention, using rhyming language, colourful illustrations and child-friendly humour. LOVED by kids and EASY for parents/carers and educators, it engages and effectively teaches “When I’m on my device, I have fun but think twice, ‘Coz I always take care what I do”. Reinforced by games and scenarios, it clearly defines risks that children need to watch out for and reinforces the need to check with a safe adult if any device content may be dangerous.

Ages: 4-9 years

Author: Kate & Rod Power